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Student portal to move to Lisam

LiU plans to update and renew several systems, starting on 26 November. One of these is the Ladok student registry. This will affect students, since the student portal will close at the same time. Lisam will continue to work as normal. Remember to register for examinations before 23 November. And take the opportunity at the same time to create any certificates that are required.

The Swedish Board of Student Finance (CSN) is aware that Linköping University is changing several systems during this period.

When the changes have been fully implemented and full operations open again in the middle of December, the student portal will be accessed through Lisam.




What is Ladok?

The Ladok student registry is a Swedish system for the administration of higher education, used at all 37 institutions of higher education in Sweden and by CSN. A new version of Ladok will be taken into use in December. Several services will be unavailable during the change to the new version. The systems are also closed for staff.


Which services will be unavailable?

During the period 26 November-middle of December, it will not be possible to, for example:

  • register for exams
  • register for courses
  • obtain certificates

You should, therefore, plan in advance, such that you can carry out everything necessary either before the old system closes or after the new system opens.


What happens about exams during this period?

Exams will be conducted as usual during this period. There will, however, be shorter registration periods for exams.

The closing date for registration for exams to be taken during the period 3 December–31 December 2018 is Friday 23 November.

Anonymous exams will be carried out and marked anonymously just as usual.

Exams to be held after 1 January 2019 will open for registration sometime in December (the exact date has not been determined).


When will I be able to see my result for an exam that I took during this period?

Since Ladok is closed, it may take more than 10 days to obtain an exam result during the closed period. This is because it will not be possible to record results in Ladok until it reopens.


What should I do if I want to apply for a degree during this period?

It will not be possible to apply for a degree online between 30 September and the middle of December. This is because it is not technically possible to transfer ongoing cases between the present Ladok system and the new one. During this period, you should apply for a degree using a paper form. Students within Educational Sciences, the Faculty of Science and Engineering, and the Faculty of Arts and Sciences can contact the Office of Degree Administration. Students within the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences should contact the Student Affairs Office.


Will I still have access to, for example, laboratories and teaching rooms?

Yes, authorisations granted before Ladok closed are not affected, and you will still have access to laboratories and teaching rooms.


What will happen to the old student portal?

The current student portal will close on 26 November (with exception of obtaining information about examinations). The new student portal will be part of Lisam, and will open in the middle of December.

It will appear as a link in Lisam.


Who can I contact with questions?

If you have any questions contact the Student Service Desk (on Campus Valla and Campus Valla), the Student Affairs Office (on the University Hospital Campus), or the office at Campus Lidingö.



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Last updated: 2018-11-08