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The Student portal is open!

The Student portal has moved in to Lisam and the implementation of a new student registry, Ladok, is complete. In the Student portal you can, as before, do much of the administration needed for your studies. You can register for courses and exams, see your study results, choose courses, order certificates and much more.


What is Ladok?

Ladok student registry is a Swedish system for the administration of higher education, used at all 37 institutions of higher education in Sweden and by CSN. A new version of Ladok has been taken into use on December 12 2018. It is now easier for students studying at several universities to:

  • Get a complete picture of ongoing studies at all universities.
  • Enter your contact information once in the system, then it appears at all the universities in Sweden where you study. You can do this via the Student portal.

Where do I find the Student portal?

You can find the Student Portal in Lisam as a link in the left-hand menu.

Which services are available in the Student portal?

  • Exam registration (same as in the LiU-app)
  • Course application/election
  • Course evaluations
  • Study results
  • Registration for courses
  • Trancripts
  • Degree certificates (from December 14)
  • Software (MinIT)
  • Information and support

How do I register and re-register?

Now you no longer need to register for the program every semester, but instead just register for the courses you will follow. You can do this in the Student Portal. Re-registration is not required for exams, but only if you are going to attend classes.

How do I apply for a transcript?

Now you can print transcripts of registration and anticipated participation from the Student Portal.

How do I apply for a degree certificate?

Starting December 14, you can make your application for degree certificates in the Student portal. Linköping University issues digital degree certificates. The original is available at the University and a copy is sent to your e-mail. If you want your degree certificate printed on paper, LiU-Tryck is ready to help you.

Who can I contact with questions?

If you have any questions contact the Info Centre (on Campus Valla and Campus Valla), the Student Affairs Office (on the University Hospital Campus), or the office at Campus Lidingö.


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Last updated: 2019-09-10