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Time to apply for a Degree?

Since December 2018, Linköping University issues digital degree certificates instead of degree certificates on paper. And now five months later, about 1600 digital degree certificates have been emailed to students who finished their studies.

- One reason behind this decision is that the digital process is a safer way to verify issued degree certificates. LiU daily receives requests of verification of degree certificates issued on paper and through the digital administration, potential employers can verify the document without contacting LiU, says Camilla Hahn, Senior Coordinator at the Study Administration Office.

A digital degree certificate contains the same information as a degree certificate issued on paper but is signed digitally, which verifies it is an authentic document issued by Linköping University. All digital degree certificates issued by Linköping University contain two digital signatures. This is to ensure that all degree certificates are signed in a safe and legally binding way. By checking the signatures, you can see that no changes has been made to the documents as well as which organisation the certificate was issued by.

The digital management both streamlines the processing time and make sure that you as a student gain access to your certificate immediately after it has been issued, instead of waiting weeks for the certificate to be printed and sent by mail. Instead, the degree certificate is sent by email and you can digitally send the certificate to potential employers or other universities without having to authenticate or scan a paper copy. 

The digital degree certificates makes it easier for potential employers to verify a degree since they can gain information about the digital signing on www.liu.se/digital-degree-certificates and confirm the applicant's degree as authentic, which is not possible with a scanned and attached copy of a degree certificate issued on paper.

- All employees with access to the study documentation system Ladok can help a potential employer verify a student's degree, and if necessary the Office of Degree Administration can confirm that a student has a degree from Linköping University, says Camilla Hahn.

If you have any questions regarding digital degree certificates, please contact the Office of Degree Administration, examen@liu.se


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Last updated: 2019-05-03