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New LiU Card from August

A new LiU Card will be introduced on 1 August. The card follows the LiU graphic profile but lacks visible personal data, since the information is stored in digital form. It is not necessary to exchange existing LiU cards for new ones.

Det nya LiU-kortet.The new LiU Card will no longer present visible personal data (photograph, name and personal identity number) and will no longer be used as proof of identity. The card is, however, still registered as your personal card, and you must confirm this by writing your name on the back.

Information about name, personal identity number and photograph will be stored in digital form on MinIT. The campus security service will have a portable unit to scan the card and in this way see the information. Invigilators at exams will be able to scan student cards in the same way. If you have collected a new LiU-card after August 1st and are writing an exam, make sure to bring valid photo identification as the new LiU-card does not apply as identification at exams.

If you are already a LiU student and have a valid LiU-card, you do not have to bring your photo identification. We advice you to bring your identification card anyway, as a precaution.

The card will continue to be used as an access card on the campuses, as a borrower’s card at all LiU libraries, to obtain print-outs and copying services, and for travel on the campus bus.

Managed by Info Centre

Det nya LiU-kortet.The new LiU Card will be introduced on 1 August, and can be collected at any one of the three Info Centres, just as today. You must present valid proof of identity when collecting a new LiU Card.

Students who already have a LiU Card

If you already are a LiU student and have a LiU Card, it will continue to function and you will not need to collect a new one, unless your existing card becomes faulty or is lost. It will no longer be necessary to update your card. 

Upload a portrait image

On the new LiU Card there will be no printed portrait, but there must be a digital portrait image uploaded on MinIT. Therefore, before you collect your new LiU Card you must take a digital portrait of yourself and upload on MinIT by following the instructions. If your are already a LiU student you do not have to upload a digital portrait.

Doctoral students

Doctoral students until now have had to have both a student card and a co-worker card. In the future, only one LiU Card will be needed, and a portrait photograph will no longer be required.


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Last updated: 2019-08-29