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Newly renovated Herrgårn reopens

Herrgårn utifrån. Förberedd för invigning med rosett på framsidan.
After ten months of sensitive renovation, Herrgårn could at last reopen, and the imposing main entrance again be taken into use. A building steeped in tradition, now adapted to the wishes and needs of today’s students.

Ryds Herrgård is an institution in Linköping student life. The building has its roots in the 18th century, and became a student union building in 1968. 50 years of intense student life had left its mark on Herrgårn. A thorough renovation of the building started in October 2018 designed to restore its former glory while adapting it to current and future students.

The Herrgårn that meets us inside the main entrance – which, it should be mentioned, has been brought back into use after being closed for many years – has been completely renovated. The disposition of the rooms is new; the building has been reinforced; and the internal decoration renovated. The wiring, ventilation and other infrastructure are also new. It has been a challenge to nurture the heritage of the building and preserve the feeling of a manor house from the early 20th century, while at the same time creating a modern student union building for current and future students.

Student life and student activities remain the foundation for Herrgårn’s operations. It will be used for dinners, pub evenings and pulsating night-time music events, just as before. Study places and a café open during the day are new in Herrgårn, established in response to student wishes. But Herrgårn is to be a meeting place not just for students. The building is open for everyone during the daytime, and a language café, homework help, and other activities can be arranged here. In addition, the café is open for anyone who wants a Swedish fika.

A brief history: The current Ryds herrgård has its roots in 1720. It was then that a previous building on the site was replaced by the current one, since the owner’s wife wanted a more imposing home. The exterior was renovated in 1794, and the interior in 1903, giving us the current decoration with wall panels and stucco mouldings.

When Linköping Municipality decided to develop the Ryd area in the 1960s, the university was in the process of becoming established here. Herrgårn became a student union building and has remained so ever since.

In the 1960s and 1970s it was the scene of many debates and political meetings, while Radio Ryd was at its peak of activity during the 1980s. The 1990s saw live concerts become a major activity at Herrgårn. Many bands and artists destined for greatness have performed here. This is clear from the poster collections on the walls, preserved on the second floor as part of the recent history of the building. This floor also has personnel facilities, offices and group rooms.

Herrgårn is once again open for activity. Activities for the first week have already been planned, with a pub night and formal dinner, and open house at the weekend.

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Translated by George Farrants


Elisabet Wahrby 2019-08-21

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