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Campus Valla during the Kalas event

The Kalas event will take place on Thursday 5 September, and this is the first time it will be held on Campus Valla. Normal operations on campus will be affected.

  • Corson will close at 4.45 pm. Studenthuset will start to be cleared of folk at 4.00 pm. and will close at 5.00 pm.
  • The festival area, located in the area between Studenthuset, Zenit, the D Building and the Key Building, will be fenced in. Thus, it will not be possible cycle along Corson or park bikes in front of the building. Instead, use the bike racks at the side of the building.
  • The festival area will open at 5.00 pm and close at 1.00 am (Friday).
  • The B, D and I Buildings will be locked at 5.00 pm, as will the Key Building, TEMA and Zenit.
  • The fair for companies and student societies will be held in Terra, opening at 3.00 pm.
  • The Campus bus will leave for Norrköping from Vallfarten once an hour until 1.20 am.


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Last updated: 2019-09-04