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LiU to close at night

Bild: Campus Valla i mörker. Foto: Cecilia Olsson

Guidelines for the use of LiU premises were passed in June 2019. One of the consequences of the guidelines is that all of the university premises will be closed at night, starting 1 February.

In order to increase security and improve the work environment of co-workers and students, all buildings on all campuses will be closed 23.00-05.00, with effect from 1 February 2020. (The closure will be 22.00-06.00 for students on the University Hospital Campus, following an agreement with Region Östergötland.)

A further reason for the night-time closure is to reduce energy consumption. The lighting is motion-controlled and is switched on when people move in the premises. Furthermore, ventilation can be limited during the closure.

Exemptions can be made in special cases, such as when conducting a long-duration experiment, for professional contact with people in other parts of the world, or formal dinners.

Exemptions must be limited, justified and approved by the course supervisor (when related to study) or the Room Booking, Examinations and Timetabling Office (for activities related to student life).

Proceed as follows, to apply for an exemption

The security service patrols the premises during the night-time, and will check during its patrols whether exemptions have been granted for anyone found on the premises. 


Use of LiU premises – decision about guidelines (in Swedish):




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Last updated: 2020-01-07