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Information about the coronavirus for students

(Updated 2020-02-05 10:43)

5 February 2020: LiU is continuing to monitor developments concerning coronavirus, by following the assessments and recommendations of the Public Health Agency of Sweden.

If new information becomes available that affects the situation of students at LiU, it will be published here. Any student who has questions about the virus should contact Infocenter, and keep up-to-date by following folkhalsomyndigheten.se.



31 January 2020: LiU stands by its decision to continue to follow the assessment of the Public Health Agency of Sweden (Folkhälsomyndigheten) as regards the coronavirus. 

“We stand by what was communicated to staff and students on 30 January. The Public Health Agency of Sweden has, at present, not taken an official position on any new measures, and for this reason, LiU is standing by its decision”, says University Director Kent Waltersson.



(Updated 30 January 2020)

30 January 2020: LiU has decided to follow the assessment of the Public Health Agency of Sweden with respect to coronavirus. The agency is continuously assessing which measures are relevant in this context, and LiU is basing its actions on this assessment.

The Public Health Agency of Sweden has issued the following recommendations and information:

  • Infection occurs by contact between people or through coughs and sneezes, in a process known as “droplet transmission”. You can lower the risk of infection by washing your hands often, avoiding touching your face and eyes, and avoiding close contact with sick people.
  • People who have visited an infected area and are not feeling sick do not need to take any measures, and can continue daily life as normal.
  • People who have visited an infected area and has symptoms of disease such as a fever or coughing, should contact the health services by telephone (using, for example, the 1177 medical information service).

The website folkhalsomyndigheten.se presents more information about the virus and the provisions of the Swedish Communicable Diseases Act about procedures associated with the virus.  

We are following events carefully, and will update this webpage with any information received, based on the measures taken by the Public Health

Agency of Sweden and the recommendations it gives. Against this background, LiU is not at the moment making recommendations about working from home as a consequence of the coronavirus outbreak. Operations continue as normal. 

If you have any questions about the coronavirus or any concerns to share – contact the Info Centre

Kent Waltersson, University Director


The Corona virus - updates for students on Exchange in China

Linköping University follows the recommendations of the Department of Foreign Affairs (UD) regarding travel to areas affected by the Coronavirus.

UD now advise against non-necessary travel to Hubei Province, which also mean that LiU encourage you to leave the province if you are there, as well as to consider not to travel there. UD also encourage persons visiting any part of China to be particularly careful, read more on in what ways on Sweden Abroad.

In the end you decide whether to take part in the planned exchange or not.

If you haven’t done so, register your contact information on the Swedish Embassy, the so called Svensklistan. If UD should decide to evacuate Swedes, this is the contact list they use to find you.

If you need help to plan your studies here at LiU, please contact your study counselor.

Useful websites:

Keep updated via news and UD recommendations.If you have questions please contact international.office@liu.se


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Last updated: 2020-02-05