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Sustainability – a new course this autumn

Landskap, panorama.

Society is facing major global challenges, and the field of sustainability is a key issue for Swedish universities. LiU has taken the initiative to a new course, Hållbarhet/Sustainability, to start in the autumn of 2020.

“We want students who graduate from LiU not only to have knowledge in their own field, but also to be as well prepared as possible to take on the challenges of the future associated with sustainability and global questions”, says Deputy Vice-Chancellor Margareta Bachrack Lindström.

This interdisciplinary course for 3 credits will be given in English. Of course, some programmes of education at LiU take up problems associated with various aspects of sustainability, but an overall perspective has often been lacking. The approach of the new course can cover everything from social, cultural, economic and ecological points of view. Agenda 2030 and the 17 sustainable development goals of the UN will be clearly in focus during the course. 

The Navitas student society, with its membership of students at LiU interested in sustainability, is positive to a course in sustainable development.
“It’s a positive feeling to know that you are getting an education at a university that stands for sustainability and is a pioneer in this issue”, says Evelina Silfverskiöld, vice-chair of Navitas. “The university must help to prepare us as students for our coming professional life, and sustainability is an important consideration in many future decisions. How can we manage this without knowledge or expertise in the topic?”

The course will use interdisciplinary groups as primary teaching method, where each group is assigned a mentor to support the work during the course. The groups will each select a problem related to any one of the UN’s sustainable development goals, and then study it in depth through the term.  

A sustainability gala will be held at the end of the course, to which a broad audience with people and organisations from society will be invited. The groups’ work will be presented here in the form of a poster that illuminates the problem from several points of view. The poster may also suggest a solution.

The course this autumn will be a single-subject course, and applications should be made through universityadmissions.se, during the period 16 March-15 April. Work is under way to integrate this course in sustainability into the educational programmes offered by LiU.


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Last updated: 2020-02-10