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Crisis support from Student Health

Many students feel anxious about the coronavirus. Student Health offers counselling and advice.

Kvinna sitter i fönstersmyg och tittar ut. Svartvit bild.Stick to your normal routines and keep in contact with your loved ones, even if it’s not possible to meet them in real life. Don’t slavishly follow the news, switch off push notifications, and do things that make you feel good. Simple advice for students from Student Health. 

So far, the number of students who have contacted Student Health and expressed anxiety has been quite low.
“On the contrary – we have noticed a decrease in the number of students who contact us”, says Gunilla Johansson, operational manager of the service. “Maybe they wait before contacting us, because there’s so much else happening.” 

Anyone who is looking for support can book an appointment.
“We are available exactly as usual. The only difference is that in the current situation we don’t meet people physically”, says Gunilla Johansson. “We can’t help with questions about the coronavirus itself, but we can give advice for how students can look after themselves and keep as well as possible in the current crisis.”

Consultation take place by telephone and in Teams. Anyone who wants to book a consultation can do so as usual at the Student Health website (see link below. 

Starting on 23 March, the telephones will be open at certain periods for students to contact the service for a short consultation without having to book. 

In addition to consultations, Student Health offers courses and workshops in, for example, stress management and mindfulness. Against the background of the university guidelines relating to coronavirus, they now plan to offer these mainly through Zoom. 
“We are starting to find solutions for how we can offer our services remotely”, says Gunilla Johansson.

Students with special needs can contact the coordinators who work with students with disabilities, just as normal (see link below).

Student Health regularly updates the information on its website.

Anna Nilsen 2020-03-20

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