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Student societies’ annual general meetings

The Public Health Agency of Sweden published on 1 April general advice to clubs and societies on how to avoid the spread of the new coronavirus.

1. If possible, postpone AGMs or conduct them remotely.
2. Avoid other forms of meeting, or conduct them remotely.

Meetings held as “partially remote meetings”

To reduce the number of physical meetings, all bookings for student societies have been cancelled. 

However, LiU wants to make it easier for student societies to hold their AGMs, and is therefore offering a solution that uses partially remote meetings. 

  • The meeting is to be carried out remotely, as far as possible.
  • A few people may be present, such as the meeting chair and candidates for board membership.
  • Other members participate remotely.
  • Attempt to limit the number of people who are present as much as possible. Strive for a maximum of around five people.
  • Maintain significant distance from each other to reduce the risk of infection.
  • Access to the meeting should take place in such a manner that as few people as possible meet physically when entering and leaving the premises.

To apply to have an AGM restored in the booking system, send email to studentforeningsbokning@uf.liu.se

More information about the remote meeting systems offered by LiU:




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Last updated: 2020-04-02