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Further limitations on the campuses

Tjej värmer mat i microvågsugn i ett studentkök.

(NB! This news report will not be updated. Support and guidance for students and co-workers are continuously updated at insidan.liu.se/corona)

It has become apparent that increasing numbers of students are returning to campus and failing to observe social distancing. For this reason, further restrictions are being introduced with respect to opening hours and accessibility.

The crisis management group at LiU has decided that all premises on campus will be open to students during office hours only (7.45 am-5.00 pm weekdays), starting on Monday 27 April. The number of open toilets will be further reduced due to supply problems for hygiene articles, and limitations will be set on the number of people who may be in the student kitchens at any one time.

The crisis management group writes: “The situation is troublesome at the moment and will probably be so for a long time. We must be considerate of others, such as those who belong to a risk group or have relatives who do.” It continues by expressing gratitude, and repeating the guidelines:

Thank you for acting responsibly, today and in the future!

Keep it up, keep going, and keep your distance – everywhere and always! If we are all considerate of each other, we will get through this.


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Last updated: 2020-08-25