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Outgoing student exchanges cancelled

(NB! This news report will not be updated. Support and guidance for students and co-workers are continuously updated at insidan.liu.se/corona)

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs has advised against unnecessary travel until (at least) 15 June. We do not know what will happen after this. For this reason, LiU has decided to cancel all student exchanges for LiU students during the autumn term of 2020. This applies to students currently at LiU who had planned to travel abroad on an exchange visit outside of Sweden in the autumn.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs will reassess the situation after 15 June, and the result of this is, of course, unknown. Together with uncertainty about whether other countries will open their borders or change their restrictions, this means that there is a risk that a large fraction of the 471 LiU students who have been assigned places on the exchange programme will not be able to carry out their exchange studies.

If students are compelled to withdraw from a planned exchange visit at a late stage, they may experience economic, practical and study-related problems. From the university’s point of view, a late decision might involve a great deal of work to find alternative courses and other forms of education in the workplace. 

LiU has also decided not to pay for the insurance for the autumn term of 2020 for “free-mover students”, which is the name given to students who choose to study abroad and arrange the visit themselves, outside of the organised exchange programme. 

LiU students affected have been informed by their faculty.


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Last updated: 2020-08-25