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Change the password on your LiU account

Illustration av låst dator.In order to increase the security of LiU accounts, we require that students change the password for their LiU account. Log in to MinIT and change your password.

Normally, LiU does not recommend that passwords are changed, unless they have been compromised. Against the background of a trend in which increasing numbers of passwords are being compromised, a one-off action is being taken in which the password of every LiU account must be changed. This will improve the quality and security of the passwords.

You must log in to MinIT and change your password. Instructions for this are given below.

Previously, passwords have been checked before they are approved, to ensure that they are sufficiently complex. Starting in January 2020, passwords suggested by users are also checked against a global database of 555 million compromised passwords, in order to ensure that such a password is not used.

Phishing by email is frequent

The IT Division points out that it is common that those who are seeking to obtain account details by email encourage people to log in to what appear to be trustworthy websites. The addresses, however, are links to a completely different place. This information has been published as a news item on our own channel student.liu.se such that you can be sure that it truly has been sent by LiU and is not a phishing attempt. 

In general, we advise that if you feel unsure, you should always type in the address of a website from the keyboard, rather than clicking on a link. This will prevent you visiting unintended websites.

Note that reminders will be repeatedly sent from utskick@liu.se until your password has been changed. These emails will not contain any clickable links.

Change your password

  1. Log in to MinIT. Type the address minit.liu.se into your web browser.
  2. The function to change password is under “My account”.

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Last updated: 2020-04-30