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A combination of digital and physical reception activities

(NB! This news report will not be updated. Support and guidance for students and co-workers are continuously updated at insidan.liu.se/corona)

Receiving thousands of new students this autumn under the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic will be truly challenging. We will present something quite unique, and it is our ambition that the reception activities will be both physical and digital.

Bild: Kalasmottagning 2018. Foto: Göran BillesonLinköping University offers a widely renowned and well functioning student reception period, which has been established for many years and involves many actors. The student unions are responsible for managing the activities, supported by the faculties and the university. The aim of the period is that newly admitted students will feel welcome, have the opportunity to build up a social network, and start their studies without delay. And it’s usually great fun and a high-intensity period.

Work with the next year’s reception period starts pretty much as soon as the current one is over, and involves not only student unions, sections, student clubs and societies, and mentors, but also Linköping Municipality, Norrköping Municipality and Region Östergötland. It is, quite simply, one of the largest events of the year in Östergötland.

“There’s a huge commitment to receiving the new students in the best way possible. This ambition has not been diminished by the corona pandemic, but the practical details will, of course, be affected. It’ll be different, and a lot more will take place remotely, but it will still be an amazing experience”, says Jonas Blom, coordinator from the Student Division at LiU.

Based on the regulations and recommendations that the government and the Public Health Agency of Sweden have introduced to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the following has been decided:

  • Gatherings of up to 50 people are permitted.
  • Groups will be kept together during the complete reception period. The members of different groups will not be mixed.
  • The recommendations of the Public Health Agency of Sweden must be followed at all gatherings.
  • Initiatives designed to help students start studying effectively will be carried out.
  • Guided tours of the town and campus will be carried out.
  • The students will get to know each other through digital forums and activities.
  • One activity for each group may be arranged at a location that has a licence to serve alcohol. In addition, three physical meetings at which alcohol is not served may be carried out.

Allowing only one activity that involves alcohol is one of the changes from “normal” years.

“We believe that it is alcohol consumption, rather than the type of activity, that risks clouding people’s judgement, and this may cause them to fail to observe the recommendations. By holding activities at restaurants or pubs that have an alcohol licence, we ensure that the responsibility that guidelines relating to alcohol are followed lies with them”, says Jonas Blom.

The huge finale of the start of the autumn term is usually the Kalas event, with concerts of absolute top quality, a large fair for student clubs and societies and companies, and many other activities. Since its start in 2005, the Kalas event has grown to become a unique festival with something for everyone. This year, it will also be significantly more digital.

“We are deep in the planning stage and will give more information shortly. It’s going to be different, but we will have a Kalas event, no doubt about it”, says Christina Almtun, who is coordinating the  arrangement together with the Kalas director and other representatives for the student unions.


Website for the Kalas event

Link to “Vägledning för mottagningsverksamhet höstterminen 2020”


Translated by George Farrants



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Last updated: 2020-08-24