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Use Doodle with your LiU account

Doodle can be used with your LiU account as log in. A handy feature is that Doodle allows you to create meetings that limit the number of votes per option - first come, first served, i.e. it’s only possible for one person or a few to book one option.

LiU does not permit syncing of employees’ calendars to Doodle, since calendars may contain sensitive or restricted information.

Here’s how you log in:

  • Go to https://liu.se/doodle (save this link to your bookmarks in your browser).
  • You will be redirected to LiU's log in page.
  • Enter your email address at LiU (format: liuid@liu.se) and your password.

Note: it’s not possible to log in with your LiU ID in the app for mobile phone and tablet since Doodle doesn’t provide SSO* log in there yet.

Data stored in cloud-based services

Remember when using a cloud-based service that the service-provider can access and save the information (data) that you place there. Read the privacy policy for the service in question for details of how a particular provider manages information.

Doodle privacy policy


*SSO is short for Single Sign On and means that the service you’re using has enabled log in using a existing account, in this case your LiU ID.



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Last updated: 2020-06-24