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Essential IT tips for your studies

Illustration av person vid dator.Software, printers, computer labs, remote login, and more useful things.

  • During your studies you have access to several licenced software.
  • You also have access to for instance Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Forms in Office365. Also, the cloud service OneDrive is available for saving files.
  • Where are the printers located? See list of printer locations in the different buildings on our campuses.
  • Download the LiU app for your mobile phone for easy access to sign up for exams, see exam results, time table for the campus bus, maps of campus, etc.
  • IT security is important. Make sure to follow the rules that exist for the use of LiU's IT resources. See pages on IT security.
  • Find solutions to IT problems in our guides in LiUdesk. You can start error reports and tickets to for instance the IT helpdesk and Info Centre in LiUdesk. Information is available in English by changing language setting.
  • A majority of all computer labs on our campuses are accessible for all registered students. See the page on Windows computer labs for information on what software is available in what computer labs. Use the map to locate where the computer labs are located in the buildings. See also information about Linux computer labs.

Outside campus

  • Computer lab resources remotely: when campus is closed (see opening hours), you can still log in and use a computer lab computer and its programs, while off campus. You can also access your files at the file store, both home directories and course directories. See information about remote login.
  • Zoom and Microsoft Teams are commonly used at LiU in education performed in distance mode.
  • FortiClient provides access via VPN to LiU, which makes it possible to access services as if you, for example, were connected to Eduroam or sitting in a computer lab at LiU. Use VPN if no other remote login options work.


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Last updated: 2020-08-14