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LiU Card required for access at LiU

During the initial period of term, the doors of LiU buildings on campus have been open to enable new students without a LiU Card to gain access.

The doors will again be locked from 7 September, and a LiU Card will be necessary to get into the buildings. Some entrances, however, will remain open during the periods that visitors and the general public have access. These include entrances to libraries and Info Centre. The premises are open to those with a LiU Card from 5.00 am-11.00 pm. (The hours for the University Hospital Campus are 6.00 am-10.00 pm, and for Campus Lidingö 6.00 am-11.00 pm weekdays, 8.00 am-6.00 pm weekends).


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Last updated: 2020-09-08