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New meeting experience in Teams

In addition to course rooms in Lisam, Microsoft Teams is also used as a tool in teaching. Students can also use Teams for their own group assignments. There is a lot of new functionality in place and underway soon.

New meeting experience

It is now possible to have your Teams meeting open in a separate window when using the desktop app. However, you need to check the "Turn on new meeting experience" box in the Teams settings for it to work. 

To activate the new meeting experience, open Teams. Click on your profile picture (top right) in Teams and select Settings. In that popup (picture below), check the box for "Turn on new meeting experience". Then restart Teams.

Screen caputre of Settings in Teams.

Microsoft has carefully launched this new meeting feature; each user chooses to activate this whenever they want. In the long run, the setting will be default for all users.

Other news

  • Meeting controls are moved to the top of the meeting screen, docked. Therefore, it's out of the way of content and participants' video in the meeting.
  • Another new feature is that the number of participants' videos that can be viewed simultaneously has been increased to 49. You can also choose different modes to show participants. There is now the Gallery (default setting), Large gallery (shows up to 49 participants) and Together mode. Together mode can be used when at least 5 participants share their video. The participants are displayed in an auditorium-like "room", to get the feeling that you are in the same place. The intention is also that it will be easier to perceive body language from the participants.
    Skärmklipp: inställningen för vy.
    The new meeting controls, now docked at the top. Press the three dots to change view mode. Photo: Microsoft.

    Together mode:
    Skärmklipp som visar den nya vyn "Tillsammans".Photo: Microsoft
  • During August, the number of participants in a meeting will be increased from a maximum of 250 to a maximum of 300. At the end of the year, Microsoft will make it possible for up to 1000 people to participate in a meeting.
  • By the last quarter of 2020, at the latest, virtual break out rooms are expected to be in place. Break out rooms can be used to divide participants into smaller, temporary groups during a meeting.
  • Soon, live reactions will be possible, to give visual feedback without interrupting a speaker.
    Screen capture of live reactions in Teams.Photo: Microsoft.
  • Live captions is available (so far only for English), which can increase accessibility for people with impaired hearing, for example. A novelty with this function is that the name of the speaker will appear next to the subtitles for increased clarity.
    Screen capture of live captions.Photo: Microsoft.
  • And, a new feature for Teams channels: there is now a small information icon at the top right of each channel. There you can view the channel's description, see the members of the channel and see previous updates for the channel. See example.


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Last updated: 2020-09-07