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New career support programme heading for success

Thirty-one lucky students were chosen to participate in LiU:s International Office new career support programme that started at Campus Valla in September.

Priya Eklund från internationella enheten presenterar karriärsstödet.The career support programme is a new pilot-project for international programme students studying their last year and international PhD students at LiU. The programme aims to give the participants enough knowledge on how to apply for jobs in Sweden, and when the programme finishes the students should be confident enough to feel they have a fair chance on the Swedish labour market.

LiU:s International Office coordinator Priya Eklund, who coordinates the programme, said many universities in Sweden already have a career support programme.

- We have seen a demand among international LiU-students for this kind of support. From a bigger perspective, there is a joint initiative from different actors in the region who see a need for international talent. The Swedish labour market is doing well in many sectors, but the demand for skilled professionals is greater than the supply. It is of great value and interest for the region to keep international talent locally, as to cover the gaps in demand.

 Priya Eklund said the programme will be intense but hopefully rewarding for the selected students.

- The programme has on-campus lectures, workshops, and virtual sessions. In between the sessions, there is a possibility to receive personal feedback on CV, cover letter, personal marketing, interview skills or whatever need the participant has. How to apply for a job often differs from country to country and this programme will give information and inspiration on how to search for jobs in Sweden.

Internationella studenten Varsha Prakash som deltar i karriärstödsprogrammet.Neuroscience PhD student Susanne Bauer from Germany and year-two student Varsha Prakash from India, who study a master in Experimental and Medical Biosciences, said they hope the programme will give them a better idea of what skills is required to get a successful career in Sweden.

- By attending the programme, I hope to get a better idea on how to write a CV, to work on my interview skills, how to do a successful job interview and salary negotiation. I want to learn more about what I can do to get the career I want, Susanne Bauer said. 

- In my field, many students want to get into research. I want to work in a company or industry and want to know more about how to apply my skills to the current market and the expectations, Varsha Prakash said.

The programme consists of 6 on-campus sessions. Students are expected to do some work on their own and watch online sessions. The final session is on 9 December.

How students were selected

The International Office had an open Zoom info-meeting for interested students in May with around 150 participants. After the meeting, nearly 90 students applied. Students and researchers had to motivate why they wanted to participate and give a brief outline of their future career plan. 35 students were eventually selected and offered a place in the programme, and 31 students have started. 

Are you interested

Were you not accepted this round or are you generally interested in improving your career opportunities? In the future, the International Office will post material on its career support pages, where you can read and watch videos on how to improve your CV, interview techniques, and more. To read more, visit the career support pages.


Photo upper right: The International Office’s coordinator Priya Eklund presents the career support programme.
Photo lower right: International student Varsha Prakash who attends the career support programme.


Text and photo: Karolina Hunter


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Last updated: 2020-10-07