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Move under way

The IT Division is planning the move from the Galaxen Building to the D Building. A large number of servers are being moved, which can lead to some disturbances in various systems. You can subscribe to notifications of disturbances to service.

A new server room is complete in the A Building, and large amounts of hardware is being moved in. This can result in some disturbances in our systems – sometimes with little notice. The work will be most intensive from now through the end of November, but can continue through December.

Staff from the IT Division will move to the D Building during week 50 (7-11 December). While the move is under way, and before and after this period, response times for support cases can be longer than usual.

“We hope people will understand that this can cause some problems. We are working actively to minimise the number and extent of any disturbances”, says Joakim Nejdeby, head of the IT Division.

Be informed of any system disturbances by subscribing to service notifications from the IT Helpdesk.

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Last updated: 2020-10-27