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Registration now required for all exams

Grupp studenter som sitter i en lodrät rad av bänkar och skriver tentamen.Updated 12 November 2020:

LiU will introduce new exam regulations on 1 February 2021. If you want to take an exam after 1 February 2021, you must register for the exam session. New functionality in the LiU app and the student portal will enable you to receive notifications in advance.

Computer-based moderated exams already require registration, and this will become necessary for all exams after February 2021.

You will be able to register for exams related to the courses on which you are registered using the LiU app and the student portal. You can save the exam sessions to any digital calendar, and receive three reminders for a particular exam session: when registration opens, a week before the exam, and the day before the exam.

Johannes Knutas, head of educational affairs at LinTek, is positive that notifications are now possible, and believes that the new regulations will make administration easier. He is at the same time critical to the fact that the possibility of taking an exam without registering (if space is available) now disappears.

“We see that places are currently left empty and we believe that the number of empty places will increase with the change in regulations, since it will not be possible to fill them with students who have failed to register before the deadline”, he says

Project manager Patrik Högberg says that a few problems remain to be solved to make the processes as smooth as possible, for example when one course code has been replaced by another. He adds that LiU will offer support to any students who cannot register for an exam for any reason.

A previous version of this news item stated that students must be registered or have been registered also on the course that the exam relates to. However, this requirement has been postponed and will not come into force on 1 February 2021.

Text: Jonathan Pakvis
Translation: George Farrants
Photo: Charlotte Perhammar



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Last updated: 2020-11-13