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Room bookings for physical meetings cancelled

Halvöppen dörr till ett tomt grupprum.In the current situation in which special restrictions are in force it will not be possible for students to book rooms for physical meetings or self-study on the LiU campuses. All bookings made in TimeEdit for the period up to 22 November (or the end of the period of special restrictions, whichever is the later) have been cancelled.

“We are following the decision taken by LiU that we must avoid all unnecessary physical presence on LiU premises during the period of special restrictions. This means that physical meetings must be replaced by digital ones, to reduce the risk of the spread of infection. For this reason, bookings for group rooms and other premises are being cancelled with immediate effect”, says Annika Svenvik, head of the Room Booking, Examinations and Timetable Office. Self-service booking in TimeEdit for students and student societies will also be closed for the period up to 22 November. 

Student societies that want to book rooms with facilities for streaming can apply for an exemption. This can be used to, for example, hold a remote annual general meeting in the LiU ALC rooms. Such meetings must follow the recommendations in place for the number of people present, keeping distance, etc.

“The question that many student societies and others want answered is, of course, when it will be possible to provisionally book rooms for, for example, activities in the spring. We will probably be able to open for provisional bookings in the middle of December when the ordinary timetabling procedure has been completed. However, we must say that we cannot guarantee that booking can be carried out, since we don’t know which restrictions or recommendations will be in force then”, says Annika Svenvik.


Photo: Anna Nilsen

Translation: George Farrants

Björn Stafstedt 2020-11-02

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