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Stricter routines for exam halls

LiU has reviewed the protection against the spread of infection associated with the few written exams in exam halls that are still being held, and will reduce the number to an absolute minimum. The basic rule will continue to be that all exams are to take place remotely or as written exercises at home, but if an exam is necessary, the risk of spread of infection must be as low as possible.

Bild: Tenta pågår. Foto: Thor BalkhedBoth students and invigilators feel some anxiety around the written exams in exam halls that are still being held. Questions have arisen about why some exams are carried out as written exams in an exam hall, and whether LiU can guarantee that no one is at risk of being infected by Covid-19?

“In order to ensure continued high quality of the teaching and act in a way that gives legal certainty, we have asked the faculties to specify which exams must be carried out in an exam hall, despite the pandemic. This has led to us now placing further restrictions on the possibility of holding exams on LiU premises. The only exams that can be held in an exam hall are those that are absolutely necessary”, says Deputy Vice-Chancellor Margareta Bachrack Lindström, responsible for teaching at the university.

Safety will also be increased for the exams still held in exam halls. Only a few exam halls that are particularly suitable for the purpose will be used. These are, at the moment, in the Terra Building, the newly renovated halls in the Physics Building on Campus Valla, and SP71 on Campus Norrköping.  These premises will be equipped as soon as possible with additional protection such as plexiglass screens and separate entrances and exits. Hand disinfectant will be available, and clear marking to show permitted distances between the people in the room.

The number taking exams will be reduced to approximately 400 per day, half of them in the morning and half in the afternoon. In addition, any oral tests (known in Swedish as “duggor”) that must be carried out on site must also now be scheduled to use the designated premises.

“The instructions for students and invigilators will be very clear. Everyone must know that we are doing absolutely everything we can to hold the exams that must be held in exam halls as safely as possible. We are constantly working closely with the infectious diseases unit at Region Östergötland,” says Joakim Nejdeby, who leads the LiU crisis management team.

The new instructions for written exams in exam halls will be put in place as soon as possible and will be valid until further notice. Currently, a few exams are planned to be held in exam halls between now and 20 December.

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Translated by George Farrants

Björn Stafstedt 2020-11-27

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