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LiU tightens Corona restrictions

Under LiU’s new restrictions, the university’s libraries will be closed for independent study. Co-workers are to continue to work from home. Exams will be digital, except when it is absolutely necessary that they are held in an examination hall.

On Friday 18 December, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven announced that stricter Corona restrictions are to be introduced throughout the country. In conjunction with this, Linköping University reviewed its restrictions.
“The government’s message is clear. All aspects of society are affected by the advance of the pandemic, and by the gravity of the situation. For this reason, Linköping University is tightening restrictions”, says University Director Kent Waltersson.

This means that the libraries at Campus Valla, University Hospital Campus and Campus Norrköping are closed for independent study until 24 January. However, it will still be possible to borrow and return books. The Info Centre will continue with its limited opening hours (se below).

Further, co-workers are to work from home until 24 January. Only those who must be on site at the university may be there. The university’s premises will continue to be locked. To enter, a LiU card and code are required.

Exams are to be held digitally, but exceptions are allowed.
“This autumn we implemented major restrictions regarding examinations. Only where it is absolutely necessary will exams be held in examination halls. The faculties have been strict with their prioritising, and in January, most exams will be held digitally”, says Margareta Bachrack Lindström, deputy vice-chancellor at Linköping University, who is in charge of undergraduate education.

The procedures for exams in exam halls have been formulated rigorously, and approved by Smittskydd i Östergötland, the agency for communicable disease control in Östergötland.

For the students who begin their studies in the spring term of 2021, “mottagning”, or reception, will be digital and remote, and will take place at the end of January.

The crisis management group at LiU has this year made a number of decisions relating to the corona pandemic, and how university operations are affected. To increase transparency regarding the measures taken, a pandemic response plan will come into effect on 1 February. According to current planning, pandemic response level 4 will apply at that time.

During the holidays, co-workers and students should keep updated via LiU’s Corona information website:

More about the pandemic response levels and the planning for the spring term:

The Info Centre will continue with its limited opening hours:


Text: David Isaksson

Translation: Martin Mirko



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Last updated: 2020-12-21