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Student union buildings open in distance mode

Framsidan av Kårhuset Kårallen, från avstånd med ett träds höstlöv överst i bild.The five student union buildings will remain closed for evening activities throughout January and February. Three of them, however, Ryds Herrgård, Kollektivet and Trappan, are open for study during the day, and a new catering service is starting.

“We are keeping the study places open to provide a psychosocial context for the students who need this”, says Katarina Nyhammar at Kårservice. “We are in a close dialogue with the student unions, LiU and the infectious diseases unit of Region Östergötland, and continuously review what is possible and what will give the greatest student benefit when all aspects are considered.”

A new service offered by several of the student facilities are fixed menus, “Take-away dinner”, making it easy to arrange, for example, a digital dinner or quiz night. The menus are ordered from Kollektivet and Herrgårn, where they are produced, but can be ordered and distributed by anyone.

More info on the pages of the relevant facility:


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Last updated: 2021-01-26