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A more secure LiU inbox

New security features will soon be active in students’ LiU accounts, such as blocking of dangerous links in emails and searching for viruses in email attachments.

On 15 February, LiU’s student account licences will be updated to a higher licence level, bringing added security features such as Safe Links and Safe Attachments. So, what do you need to know?

Safe Attachments

Safe Attachments searches for known and previously unknown threats in files that are attached to emails, and only lets the email through if attachments are assessed as safe. The search normally takes a few seconds, or, for large files, a few minutes. In exceptional cases it can take longer.

Safe Links

Links in emails are scanned for malicious links and content that is used in phishing and other attacks. If this type of content is found, it is blocked. Links will have a slightly different appearance; they will have an addition in the form of a prefix added to the original link: https://eur01.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/. This addition will cause the link to be searched by the security system.

Sometimes you may see a dialogue box like the one below, which says that the link is being scanned. If the link is OK, you will soon be able to use it. If there is a suspicion of phishing, you will be warned to not click on the contents. If there is a high likelihood of phishing, the link will be blocked. If you assess that this is not correct, contact the IT Helpdesk to deal with the issue.

 Screenshot of dialog box in blue that announces that a link is scanned through and that the scan should be completed shortly.

Example of dialogue box where scanning is under way.

Screenshot showing dialog box in red showing the message that the link has been blocked and that opening the link is not safe.

Dialog box warning of an unsafe link.

Questions or problems?

If you experience problems with the service, or have questions, contact the Helpdesk by calling 013-285898 or use the contact form at the service website


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Last updated: 2021-07-16