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Following up how students experience distance mode

Collage av de tre intervjuade studenterna via Teams.In the spring of 2020, LiU conducted a survey of how LiU students were faring in the distance mode in force at the time. This is now being followed up in an email to all students.

It is important for the university to have insight into how the students experience their situation, and one component of this is an email survey to follow up the one done last year. The three student unions Consensus, StuFF and LinTek are involved in carrying through the survey.

“We’re living is a very special situation; it’s difficult to keep in touch and meet people. We need to know how our students are faring, and what they find to be particularly difficult at the moment”, says Natalia Tomczyk, student representative for the work environment and equal opportunities at StuFF.

The student unions are receiving signals from various sources that the students are in a tough situation, and this is why they need to know about particular problems that students at LiU are experiencing. Their message is clear: “We need to find out what concrete measures we can take, so it’s important that as many as possible make their voice heard and reply to the questionnaire.”




Picture: Natalia Tomczyk, StuFF, Erik Wängstam, Consensus and Elvira Ståhlbrand, LinTek.



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Last updated: 2021-02-02