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Increased presence on campus this autumn

LiU is planning to start the autumn term of 2021 with more students on campus than is currently the case, but restrictions will remain concerning such matters as the size of groups. Everything depends on how the infection of covid-19 continues to spread, and the effects of mass vaccination.

In order to give the best conditions possible for planning teaching and exams in the autumn term, the crisis management team at LiU has decided to specify already now that operations after 1 August 2021 will be carried out in essentially the same manner as at the start of the autumn term 2020. This includes the conduct of additional exams (resits, etc.) that will be held during August 2021. A decision will be made later that specifies how the reception activities for the new students will take place at the start of term.

The main aspects of the decision are that we expect a return to somewhat more students on campus, and that significant fractions of teaching and exams will be held using remote methods.

“In the autumn of 2020 we had ‘bubbles’ of up to 15 students on campus. We are now planning for around twice as large, which is a normal class size. We plan that all students will be able to be on campus in alternating groups, one or a few days a week. It’s important that our students regain social contact with each other such that they thrive and can carry out their studies”, concludes Joakim Nejdeby, leader of the LiU crisis management team.

“At the same time, we see that we must retain restrictions, and that large lectures, for example, will probably be held digitally. This is what teachers and others need time to plan, and this is why the decision about the autumn term has been taken already now, even though the situation relating to the spread of infection remains unclear”, says Joakim Nejdeby.


Text: Björn Stafstedt
Translation: George Farrants



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Last updated: 2021-02-18