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Lisam improvements: modern and intuitive

Lisam is being improved and developed after funds for the work have become available. The goal is to make the system more user-friendly, and several small improvements have already been implemented.

Extra resources for Didacticum and the IT Division just before Xmas has made it possible to carry out improvements to the digital learning environment Lisam. A project group has been created and work is well under way.

Small but important improvements

Skärmbild av ny vy för gruppinlämning. Fält finns för startdatum, deadline och när inlämningen stänger. I en tabell nedanför listas olika inlämningar och deras status. I den nya vyn går instruktioner och bifogade filer går att fälla ut. Hantering av olika datum för start och slut är grupperade.The project has already introduced several improvements to the module for student submissions, which is heavily used.

“We have, for example, collected certain information in one place to show more clearly items that are related, and we have removed the pre-selection of certain alternatives to prevent people choosing an option by mistake. We have cleaned up the interface by changing the way explanatory texts are displayed – some of them are now shown only when needed, rather than all of them being shown from the start.” says project manager Josefine Swahn at the IT Division,

Other modules that will be improved are “Courses and Programs”, “Signup” and “Group Administration”.

Easier flow through the system

Work will also continue with rather more long-term aspects, making the appearance clearer and improving usability. The idea is to make the experience of functions and interfaces more uniform, and to make it clear what is happening.

“We are interviewing both teaching personnel and students to obtain an accurate and overall ideas of what’s needed”, says Josefine.

The analysis of the current situation that was carried out using a web-based questionnaire in the period 3-10 March will provide valuable information for the work. Further, it can be used as the basis for subsequent measurement of the effect the changes have had.


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Last updated: 2021-03-19