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Challenge yourself to create a game from scratch within only 48 hours!

A Game Jam is an event where programmers, artists and gamers come together and create games; both computer games and board games. The jam takes place from 7th May 5.30 PM to 9th May 7 PM. During this time the participants create games from scratch to prototype about a randomized theme.

You don´t need to have an existing team to participate, teams are created during the event. You can of course participate alone or with your friends.

No previous experience is needed and the event is free-of-charge. The event is held in Swedish or English depending on participants. Due to Corona the event will take place remotely over Discord. 

The event is arranged by LiTHe kod - a student association at Linköping University for everyone who likes programming.


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Last updated: 2021-04-19