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Easier to improve spam management

It has until now been necessary to forward spam in a special way for it to contribute to improving the spam filter. It will now be simpler, since buttons are provided in Outlook in Lisam with the same function and you can instead use these.

In common with many other institutions of higher education in Sweden, LiU has long used a solution for filtering spam from SUNET*. Many have found the filter unsatisfactory, and now that SUNET has decided to discontinue its current solution, LiU will start to use only the filters that are built into our email systems. Many people already use the built-in functions in the webmail (Outlook in Lisam) to remove spam, and doing so will in the future also help to improve the filter. It will also be simpler to add your own filtering rules, now that the filter is incorporated in the same email system, rather than being a filter at SUNET. 

Use the function built into the webmail interface and Outlook client to report email that is wrongly classified, and create a case in LiUdesk to report any other problems that arise. It’s a good idea to check the spam folder regularly to prevent bona fide messages being automatically deleted.


* Swedish University Computer Network


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Last updated: 2021-05-17