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Continue to celebrate carefully

Warm spring sunshine, balmy evenings that are light till late, and nearly the end of term. The temptation to meet friends, socialise, and party in the face of the ongoing pandemic may be strong, but the principal rule is still: keep it up and keep going.

Bild från trädgård med fest med rubrik "Fira med få" och de tre punkterna sist i artikeltexten.LiU has received signals recently to suggest that the willingness of some students to continue following official restrictions is waning, now that the government has determined that pubs and restaurants can stay open later, and that more spectators can attend cultural and sporting events. But the pandemic is far from over. Sweden will not reach its vaccination target until September, and even if experience from last year suggests that the number of new infections will fall during the summer, there is still a significant risk of local outbreaks among people who meet without keeping their distance.

“I know how much we are longing to spend time outdoors with friends and relatives, some of whom we may not have met for more than a year. Meeting friends and enjoying the spring, the sun and the warmth, exactly the sort of things that students usually do at this time of year. BUT – it’s not over yet. The spread of infection has not fallen enough yet, and we cannot pretend that the pandemic is over. We must keep it up for a while longer. So let me just say thank you to everybody who is continuing to follow the recommendations”, says Vice-Chancellor Jan-Ingvar Jönsson.

The Public Health Agency of Sweden says “Fun with few friends”

  • Socialise only with those close to you. The people in your household or just a few others
  • Keep your distance both outdoors and indoors. Don’t come closer than two metres
  • Stay at home if you develop any symptoms


Translated by George Farrants

Björn Stafstedt 2021-05-20

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