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Info about the corona situation as the autumn term starts

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The corona pandemic continues to affect teaching at LiU. We are one step closer to returning to being an on-campus university, but it’s still important to avoid crowding, which means that much teaching will take place using remote methods and in smaller groups.

As the autumn term starts, it’s clear that there are hopes that the situation can be more normal, with fewer restrictions. The infection, however, continues to spread, and the rate of vaccination is too low in certain groups at the moment. For these reasons, LiU encourages students to:

  1. Get vaccinated (information is available at the Region Östergötland website.)
  2. Keep their distance from other people, and not meet too many people close up
  3. Wash their hands, thoroughly and often
  4. Stay at home if they experience any symptoms, and get tested for the virus
  5. Keep up-to-date about changes in the restrictions (by, for example, visiting often the LiU webpage with corona info).

Any questions?

The LiU webpage about the coronavirus provides more information and answers to frequently asked questions. As we start the autumn term, the following questions may be the most relevant:

Are the LiU campuses open or closed?

The campuses are open, but LiU encourages students to limit their presence on campus for activities such as independent study. If everyone is on campus at the same time, it becomes difficult to avoid crowding. Students should also remember not to mix groups, in order to prevent the spread of infection.

What is a sufficient separation from other people?

At least an arm’s length, and preferably 2 metres.

What are LiU’s plans to avoid crowding when we return to teaching on campus?

The management team for each course will decide how LiU’s premises are to be used in teaching in a way that avoids crowding. This means that the teaching situation will be different for different student groups. The basic idea is that large lectures with many students will be held using remote methods, as will any teaching in small rooms in which it is not possible to maintain separation. Alternatively, a class may be divided into smaller groups.

And what about exams?

Examinations in examination halls will be carried out on campus. We have already established procedures to avoid crowding, and we have exam halls that are suitable for the situation. 

Can I count on meeting teachers and other LiU personnel in the autumn?

LiU’s co-workers who do not need to be physically present for teaching activities are to work from home until 15 September, and probably beyond this date. What happens after this is unclear and depends on the spread of infection. We will provide more information when it is available. 

Where can I get vaccinated?

Vaccinations are booked through Region Östergötland on telephone 010-105 9000. The procedure is the same for everyone, including people who are still registered as resident in another county, those who have received their first dose abroad, and those who lack a Swedish personal identity number.

In Linköping, a large vaccination centre has been set up in the Saab Arena, and in Norrköping in Mässhallarna. It is easy to reach both by bike or car. More information is available on the Region Östergötland website.


Translation: George Farrants

Björn Stafstedt 2021-08-11

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Last updated: 2021-08-16