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Vice-Chancellor: Welcome to the autumn – with a gradual return to campus

Students can expect a gradual return to campus-based teaching this autumn. In an email message, the vice-chancellor welcomes students to an autumn term permeated by hope.


Welcome to the autumn term – when we can we start to return to campus!

As I walk around our campuses, I experience a powerful feeling of joy – many of our students, both new and old, are here, and the university is full of life and activity. We have been longing for this! 

And soon, we can say that everything is back to normal. The Swedish government and the Public Health Agency of Sweden have decided that most of the advice and restrictions that have been in force for so long can be withdrawn. We will soon be able to meet in large groups and encounter each other at more normal distances, both in everyday life and here at LiU. 

Details of how the return will take place will be published in our various information channels in the coming days. There will be a transition period, during which different solutions will be used, depending on, for example, how the teaching for this term has been planned. It is, however, our goal to successively return to the situation as it was before this terrible pandemic arrived. 

I strongly encourage anyone who has not yet been vaccinated to do so! Vaccination will be available on Campus Valla and Campus Norrköping on Tuesday 14 and Tuesday 21 September. More information about this will be published on the student website.

I would also like so praise all of our students, as we experience the reception period and its culmination – the Kalas event. The reports I have received indicate that the first few weeks of term have passed off excellently. Our new students have received a warm welcome and a positive start to their studies. I am extremely grateful to everyone who has acted responsibly, and to the student unions and all the mentors who have put in so much time and energy into creating a fantastic and infection-free reception period.  

So, once again, I’m delighted to welcome new students to LiU for the first time, and welcome back those who have already studied here. Together, let us make this a wonderful autumn term! 

Jan-Ingvar Jönsson, Vice-Chancellor 



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Last updated: 2021-09-10