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Student Health can help you deal with anxiety

Bild: Vy över Linköping.
Are you churning over in your mind the recent shooting incidents in Linköping? Student Health offers help in the form of counselling and advice.

Several serious shooting incidents have taken place in Linköping during the summer. This may cause the feeling that violence is coming closer, which in turn may create anxiety and raise questions: where is our society headed? What about my personal safety?  A shooting incident took place in Ryd this week, and Student Health at Linköping University has received questions in its wake. Many students live in Ryd, many of whom have recently moved here and may not have quite found their feet yet.
“If you’re new in town, or even new in Sweden, you may not have your loved ones close to you. It can be demanding to move to a new situation, live in a new town, make new friends, and find yourself in a new context. In a world of anxiety, we all need someone to lean on. If you feel the need to share your thoughts and worries, contact us at Student Health for support. We are here for all students at LiU”, says Gunilla Johansson, psychotherapist at Student Health. To be able to answer any questions from students, Student Health will be physically present on campus at lunchtimes, Monday 20-Friday 24 September

Student Health provides services for all students and offers broad support to achieve change and development, and improve well-being. You can contact them for individual counselling and advice, and also to take courses (in Swedish) and workshops (in Swedish or English). Well-being is a sound basis for successful study, and counselling and advice are also offered in English.
Linköping University has its own organisation that mainly works to keep our campuses safe, but collaborates with other government agencies in other fields, such as issues related to accommodation.
“The safety of our students is important, not only on campus but also in their accommodation. This is why we are in unceasing dialogue with Linköping Municipality, the student unions, Studentbostäder and others involved”, says Marina Geijer, acting director of administration.


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Last updated: 2021-09-17