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Exams and most teaching to remain on-campus

Ett öde universitetsområde (Campus Valla) ur grodperspektiv.

The Swedish government has announced new measures to reduce the increasing rate of COVID-19 transmission. These measures includes avoiding crowding and large gatherings. As before, on-campus learning is the default for Swedish higher education institutions. Distance learning is, however, to be used with groups larger than 75, in order to reduce crowding indoors.

The government’s new restrictions will apply from 23 December until 31 January 2022. The aim is to stop the rise in infection rates and relieve pressure on the health service. This is to be achieved by avoiding crowding and reducing meeting in large groups. The government has, however, given a clear signal that teaching and exams at higher education institutions are prioritised – they should, “as far as possible”, be done on-campus.

LiU has decided to activate pandemic level 3 from 23 December. This means that we are taking measures to reduce crowding and large gatherings. As previously planned, exams will be held on-campus for groups of up to 150. Classes will also continue on-campus in smaller groups. Lectures with more than around 75 participants are to be held digitally, in order to reduce crowding indoors. This means that lectures for around 75 participants or less are to be held as planned on the relevant premises.

Another aspect of pandemic level 3 worth noting is that students are encouraged to limit their time spent on campus, and co-workers should work from home where their work allows.


What does the advice of the Swedish Public Health Agency (Folkhälsomyndigheten, FHM) say about higher education institutions specifically?

For higher education institutions, learning should as far possible be carried out on-campus. Hybrid learning can be used to reduce crowding in lecture halls and classrooms. This would, for example, work well for large lectures. But it should not be applied indiscriminately. Exams should be done in person, with the right infection control measures taken around, for example, entrances and exits to the exam site.

When should students return to campus after the Christmas and New Year holidays? Will teaching be in-person or remote?

Exams are to be carried out on-campus as planned, as is teaching involving fewer than 75 people. Large lectures with more than 75 participants are to be held digitally, in order to reduce crowding indoors. Students are encouraged to reduce their time spent on campus, by for example only coming in when necessary to study for an exam. It’s important that we now turn the trend of infection by getting vaccinated and avoiding crowding on campus.


Translated by Benjamin Davies

Björn Stafstedt 2021-12-22

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Last updated: 2021-12-22