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LiU’s pandemic level 3 applies until further notice

Vy över Campus Norrköping med alla byggnader. En man ses gående på bron över Motala Ström centralt i bildern.

After the Swedish government announced that the current pandemic restrictions have been extended until 9 February, LiU has been asked how this affects the university. The answer is that pandemic level 3 still applies.

When the government announced increased restrictions earlier in January, LiU decided to introduce pandemic level 3 until further notice. This means that the government’s decision to extend the restrictions until 9 February does not change anything.

“We continue to work based on the restrictions we have now, until the government or Swedish Public Health Agency signal any changes”, says Joakim Nejdeby, team leader of LiU’s crisis management team.

Students off sick

Many students are currently off sick, giving rise to the question of how in-person learning is affected.

“Our approach is that if three to five students in a class or group are infected with COVID-19, it may be legitimate to switch to distance learning for four to seven days where possible. This decision should be taken by the respective teachers, examiners and course convenor concerned”, says Joakim Nejdeby.

Translated by Benjamin Davies

Björn Stafstedt 2022-01-26

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