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The Student Questionnaire is an important tool

For a couple of weeks, this year’s Student Questionnaire has been in full swing. Until 16 March, LiU students have the opportunity to give their views on things like remote teaching, and questions around equal opportunities and discrimination.

As of yet, only a relatively small number of students have responded to the questionnaire: around ten percent. It’s important to get more to do so.

Porträtt av Kim Axelsson, som står i en trappa.But why should you care about responding to the questionnaire?

“Firstly, it’s an important tool for reflecting how students feel, and how they have handled remote learning”, says Kim Axelsson, student representative at StuFF. Kim Axelsson has been a part of the whole process.

“The results of the Student Questionnaire are also an important basis for the university when deciding in the future how teaching on the various programmes is to be done.” Questions regarding how students have experienced the pandemic and distance learning these past two years are important - what the students think about how the quality of teaching is affected by it being remote or in-place in a lecture theatre.

LiU has already begun to equip more lecture theatres and group rooms with digital tools to increase their flexibility and enable hybrid learning. 

“Different programmes and groups of students have different feelings about this”, says Kim, who is responsible for education sciences. “Some students who don’t live nearby would welcome more opportunities for remote learning. Not least of all to avoid commuting. But they lose out on the social aspect of things, which is very important for their studies.

The student union is also interested in the results of the student questionnaire.

“This is a good opportunity to get a good, wide picture of what the students think, and we can also use it as a basis for improving our work.”

“We are very conscious of the fact that students are tired of answering surveys, so we want to remind them that it just takes ten minutes to answer the student survey”, says Kim.

Translated by Benjamin Davies



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Last updated: 2022-03-14