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Mentorship programme to increase networking opportunities

Six international doctoral and programme students and seven Rotary mentors met for the first time on 28 April to kick-start a new mentorship programme.

The LiU International Office is responsible for the mentorship programme, but the organiser is Rotary, a recognised international club for established professional members who are enthusiastic about community service and friendship. This is the first time this programme is offered at LiU and is considered a pilot project with the hopes it will continue after the end of the programme.

There are two purposes of the programme. One is that the international doctoral and programme students should get an understanding and tips from the mentors on how to build a network to increase the chances of getting a job and staying in Sweden after completing their studies. The second is to increase the understanding of what the Swedish labour market looks like and the culture behind the job search.
One of Rotary's mentors is John-Åke Svensson, a CEO with more than 25 years of experience and the founder of Hagalund AB, a leadership and development company.

John-Åke Svensson is looking forward to meeting international adepts and he says more people should work with integration as you can learn from other cultures.
- It is interesting to get a different insight into how we live here in Sweden compared to other countries. We have much to learn to get a better understanding of other cultures. But you can also teach other countries about good examples with which we can contribute.
- I wanted to be part of this initiative (mentorship programme) to help, expand my network, and of course support in the process of finding a job. I have knowledge and experience that I look forward to sharing, concludes John-Åke Svensson.

Doctoral student Najmeh Delavari from Iran, who is researching in the field of theory and modelling in organic electronics at the Department of Science and Technology (ITN), was one of the selected students, and who has high hopes for the programme.
- I hope to get help with how to communicate with Swedish companies, as I do not have this experience, and to get help from someone who knows networking.
- I only have about a month left of my doctoral studies, and of course, I also want to get a job in Sweden, as I would like to stay.
The programme ends in September.

About the mentorship programme:
• The mentors and students meets five times within the framework of the programme but have the opportunity to meet more if wanted. The meetings will take place between April - September 2022.
• The meetings consist of a start-up meeting, a Rotary meeting, a workplace visit, an individual meeting, and a summary meeting at LiU.
• Participants includes four international programme students, two international doctoral students, and seven Rotary mentors.
• The students had to submit an application to the programme with a clear justification of why they should be selected.


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Last updated: 2022-05-20