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First Doctoral Student Officer at LiU

LiU now has its first Doctoral Student Officer. On 1 September, Rina Blomberg will start in her role. PhD students can come to her with problems that arise during their research studies. 

Rina Blomberg, porträttMany other universities have Doctoral Student Officers, and the student union, trade union and PhD student associations at LiU have long believed that the university should have one.​​​​​​​ Now, LiU is to get its first Doctoral Student Officer when Rina Blomberg starts working for the student union on 1 September. 

Rina Blomberg recently took her doctorate, having researched disabilities and society. She has previously studied at LiU, at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Her main workplace will be on the third floor of Kårallen, on Campus Valla. But she will also be at Campus US and Campus Norrköping from time to time.
The easiest way to get in touch with Rina Blomberg is via the email address do@lust.liu.se. However, Rina will also create a webpage with more information as soon as she has started on the job.

The job of employing a Doctoral Student Officer is given by the vice-chancellor to the student union, which employs the individual in question. The post is funded by the three parts of the university’s student union, and by the university’s four faculties. 

What does a Doctoral Student Officer do? 

At Linköping University, there are circa 1200 PhD students. At many of the country’s other universities, there are one or more Doctoral Student Officer – depending on the number of PhD students. 

The PhD student surveys done at LiU show that many PhD students feel that they lack, or don’t have enough, information upon arrival, and they are unsure where or to whom they should turn when facing problems or conflicts with their supervisors. 

The student union(s) are run by undergraduate and master’s students, who are often only in place a year at a time. During such a short period of time, they are unable to become engaged in and sustain engagement in questions related to PhD students. 

The Doctoral Student Officer is to work as a bridge between PhD students, the student union and the university. Put broadly, the Doctoral Student Officer is responsible for administering, examining and processing the cases of PhD students through the university’s various organisations and groups that work together. The advisor is also to participate in welcoming new PhD students. 


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Last updated: 2022-09-19