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Två personer som sitter och jobbar med datorer och anteckningsböcker.

Competition - name the new course evaluation system

Soon we will launch the new course evaluation system, which will lead to better quality assurance. The new system is developed with input from teachers and students. This means new, better questions in the survey and faster feedback. In other words the education quality will improve.

The new course evaluation system must be named, and we want your suggestion. Participate in the competition and get the chance to win a MacBook Air.

The name should be new and work in both Swedish and English.

The competition will be held until the week of March 5th. For two weeks students can enter in the competition. Then the project manager will pick finalists, and the week of March 5th all students can vote. 

The competition is organized by Linköping University and the Student Unions. 

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Last updated: Mon Feb 12 14:57:24 CET 2018