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The information for students is currently spread across many different websites, and it is clear that this information must be presented coherently. This will consist of both reorganisation and removal of content, and of creating a new structure and new procedures for making the information available, thus making day-to-day life easier for students. As part of improving and streamlining information, we have started building an intranet for students. The plan is to launch and open the intranet in November. The project will be completed in March 2023.

Relevant to students

The new intranet gathers information that is relevant to students, for instance how things work on campus, what support the university offers, how to study abroad, students’ rights and responsibilities, and other useful details. Information that concerns teaching will remain in Lisam’s course and programme rooms. Similarly, information concerning student associations, sections and nations will continue to be available on Kårservice's page, studentlivet.se.

Student council

To ensure that the content of the intranet meets the needs of the students, the project will have regular meetings with the student council, which includes the chair and vice-chair of the student unions. Also, the project has worked with a reference group consisting of student ambassadors from different programmes, campuses and cities, to ensure that the content is relevant. The intranet is built in SharePoint, a platform that is already used for course and programme rooms (Lisam). Everyone with a LiU-ID (students and staff) will have access to the intranet.

Questions? Comments? Contact!

Sophie Dufwenberg, Project Manager

Louise Mattsson, Project Communications Officer

latest news


  • We review and translate content.


  • We develop "My Menu", a personal menu for each user.
  • We develop the management of faculty-specific reader groups.
  • Building content about study guidance.


  • Sprint 3 on graphic elements and target-group specific information
  • Building content on students' rights and responsibilities


  • Building content for exchange and international students


  • Building information on IT and different forms of support
  • Sprint 2 on page templates, home page concepts and ”My Menu”


  • Sprint 1 on technical adaptations for LiU employees' intranet
  • Building content about campus and facilities, schedules and exams
  • Meeting with the student council about the intranet start page
  • Start buildinging the structure
  • Meeting with student council on structure and menu


  • Inventory of requirements
  • Planning of platform design


  • Workshop with student ambassadors
  • Meeting with student council on project launch and objectives
  • Project start

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Last updated: 2022-09-30