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Search student

You search for students in Outlook.

The previous search a student function retrieved information from Ladok2. After the switch to Ladok3 in late 2018, the previous information is no longer available. Instead, search for students in the Outlook client, via web mail (Outlook in Lisam - http://lisam.liu.se/mail) and the Outlook app in your phone. It's not possible at this time to se what program and/or course the student is attending.

Outlook - using web mail

Create a new email message. Search by name directly in the "To" field. Click on the contact to see more information, e.g. LiU ID.

An alternative is to use "People" in Outlook to se more information about the contact. https://outlook.office.com/people

Outlook client

Open a new email. Press the "To" button and start your search. Suggestions will be shown while writing.

An alternative is to use the search field "Search people" at the top-right corner of the Outlook ribbon.

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Last updated: 2020-01-16