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Working environment representatives

According to the Work Environment Act, students and employees have the same rights. Working environment is therefore about the conditions for both employees and students in the work place. LiU's working environment policy states that LiU is to be perceived as an attractive employer with a good working environment in terms of both physical and social environment.

The working environment is to be nurtured and developed in the day to day business through well functioning cooperation between management, employees and students in order to prevent illness, injury or work-related exhaustion. Continuously working with preventative measures leads to a good working environment, which benefits everybody in the work place and study environment.

Central working environment representatives

There are three central working environment representative for students, CAMO-stud, one for each campus. CAMO-studs are appointed by the three students’ unions. The task of the three central working environment representatives is to capture working environment issues that primarily concern the physical working environment but also issues within the psychosocial and social areas for students. The CAMO-studs work together with the students’ unions, the Student Health Care Centre and the University administration at a central level. CAMO-studs also coordinates the working environment representatives.

Working environment representatives

In each section, there should be at least one working environment representative, AMO-stud, that students can contact with questions involving the physical, psychosocial and social working environment for students.

Central working environment representatives (CAMO-studs)

If you have questions about the working environment work at Linköping University please contact one of the central working environment representatives (CAMO-studs):

Campus Valla

LinTek: Maria Lokat

StuFF: Isabella Svensson

Campus US

Consensus: Oscar Hogman

Campus Norrköping

Consensus: Oscar Hogman

LinTek: Maria Lokat

StuFF: Isabella Svensson


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