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The examination representative

Every Faculty at the University has its own examination representative. The examination representative has the role of assisting examiners or students with general questions about examinations.

For students at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences:

FAQ: www.filfak.liu.se/utbildning/examinationsombud (in Swedish)
E-mail: examination@filfak.liu.se

For students at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

FAQ: www.liu.se/medfak/utbildn/examination
E-mail: examination@medfak.liu.se

For students at the Institute of Technology:

FAQ: www.lith.liu.se/examination (in Swedish)
E-mail: examination@lith.liu.se

For students at the Faculty of Educational sciences:

E-mail: examination@uv.liu.se

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Last updated: 2019-11-28