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Protection against unwanted email – spam

LiU defines spam as more than just unwanted advertising: it includes attempts at various types of fraud carried out using internet, such as chain letters and phishing. These may try to trick you into revealing sensitive information such as passwords and bank details, or they may spread malware.

The main protection against spam sent to the university is Microsoft’s email filter. This filter stops some of the most obvious harmful messages, and places others that are suspected to be spam into a special folder ( “Junk Email”). This email filter works well, but it can occasionally wrongly classify an email. Sometimes it lets spam through, and sometimes a bona fide email is labelled as spam. The folder for spam should be checked at regular intervals to see whether any messages have been placed there by mistake.

Since the email filter bases its classification on the experiences of the users, you can help to improve it by reporting messages that have been misclassified.

Managing unwanted or wrongly classify email

Report any spam or chain letters that you receive. You should, however, remember that you may end up on a company’s list when you download its programs or register on its website. These companies usually deal with requests in a responsible manner and make it possible for you to remove your address from the list. In that case, it is not necessary to report the email as spam.

Note that abuse of email lists for courses or study programmes should be reported to abuse@liu.se.

Spam is managed directly in the webmail interface (Outlook at lisam.liu.se/mail), in the Outlook client, or in the Outlook app. Consult the guides for the email system you use to see how undesired or wrongly classified messages can be managed:


Spammers, please send email to: catlover31@it.liu.se

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