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Student e-mail

As a student at Linköping University, you will be given a personal e-mail account for both study-related and private e-mails. Since 2013 LiU-students have their e-mails in Lisam.

In order to get access to your e-mail as a student you need a regular (activated) LiU-ID since at least 24 hours. On www.liu.se/antagen there is information on how to get a regular LiU-ID. You can access Lisam with your temporary LiU-ID, but you do not get access to your email account. If you do not have a Swedish civic registration number, you must first be registered for a course or program at Linköping University. The day after you have registered in the Student Portal, you can collect the activation key you need in order to activate your regular LiU-ID. The activation key can be collected at one of the main Student Service Desks.

Lisams inloggningssidaGet started

  1. Go to https://lisam.liu.se and log in using your LiU-ID and your password. Be sure to wait an hour after you have activated your regular LiU-ID before logging in to Lisam.
  2. The first time you log in to Lisam, you will see a message that your profile is now being created.
  3. Click on the squares in the top left corner and you will see the services available.
  4. Click on Outlook.

E-post i Office 365If Outlook is not available, this may be caused by:

  • You have not yet activated your regular LiU-ID: follow the instructions on www.liu.se/antagen and try again.
  • You have activated your LiU-ID today (or less than 24 hours ago): try again tomorrow!
  • You have entered Lisam previous to activate your LiU-ID and your profile has not yet been updated with your new links: reload the page or navigate to Websites.
  1. The first time you come to Outlook, you are asked to enter language and time zone.Inställningar i Outlook
  2. Click Save.
  3. You are now in your new e-mail client, welcome!

Configure email on your smartphone (ComAround)

Manual to access your student e-mail in Lisam and how to forward your e-mails

Manuals in Lisam



In the event of problems concerning your e-mail, you are welcome to contact the students’ helpdesk.




LiU-IT's Helpdesk has a system – ComAround – where the students can get answers for common questions.



If you get spam e-mails report these to LiU:s Incident Responce Team on spam@liu.se according to the following routine:


E-mail lists for courses and programs

In the Student Portal you can see which e-mail lists you are included in as a result of your registration on a course or program. You cam also unsubscribe from lists and search for other e-mail lists.


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