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Course specific services

Certain services will only be accessible if you are registered for certain courses.

SAS Studio

The online service version of SAS studio is available via sas.edu.liu.se. You can log in using your regular LiU ID and password, if you are registered for a course that uses SAS Studio.


Database service (MariaDB)

Some courses require access to a relational database, and students registered for those courses will have access to a MariaDB database.

User credentials (username, password) for the database service

You will be using your regular LiU ID with the MariaDB server. However, it will use a separate, randomly generated password. This password will normally be sent by email to everyone registered for the relevant courses. If you haven't received a password by the start of the course, you can always generate a new one. Visit the following site if you do not have a password, or if you have forgotten it:



Connecting to the database service from university computers

The address to the server is mariadb.edu.liu.se, and the port utilised is the default MySQL port 3306.

This is the information that you enter into the mysql client, any database application you might be constructing, or in (eg) MySQL Workbench.

If you want to connect using the command line mysql client, you can for example do this by typing

$ mysql –h mariadb.edu.liu.se -u liuid123 –p

Note that you should enter your MariaDB password and press enter. The program will not echo anything back to the screen while you are typing (not even asterisks).


Connecting to the database service from home

The MariaDB server is only accessible via the university network. You can of course access it when using one of out remote work solutions ThinLinc or RDP.

Learn more: Remote login

You can also use an SSH tunnel to ssh.edu.liu.se to send your traffic from your computer via a university server. First, connect to the LiU student VPN (a requirement as of 1 November 2022). Then set up a tunnel either using the graphical user interface in a client such as Putty, or via the command line:

$ ssh -L 3306:mariadb.edu.liu.se:3306 liuid123@ssh.edu.liu.se

Replace liuid123 with your LiU ID. This should set up a connection where your computer (localhost) has port 3306 open and sends the traffic to MariaDB on port 3306, via ssh.edu.liu.se. In your MySQL client of choice, you then connect to localhost (or instead of mariadb.edu.liu.se.

Certain software will have built-in support for connecting via an SSH tunnel (in MySQL Workbench it is called "Standard TCP/IP over SSH"). Please make sure that the solution you are using is compatible with LiU's method of two-step verification.


Your personal database


You will have access to a database by the name of your LiU ID. It is shared between database courses.

If you are using the mysql client, you select this by the command "use" in the client session (after you've logged in):

mysql>use liuid123

If you have managed to delete your database and thus cannot connect with MySQL workbench, try logging in to one of the Linux systems (in a computer room on campus, via SSH or ThinLinc), start a terminal and run

$ /opt/drs/restore_db.sh

Again, enter your special database password and press enter. Nothing new will be shown in the terminal while you type.


Personal (local) web page

Students registered for courses that require them to set up a web page on php-web, will have access to a part of wwwpub where they can publish locally accessible web pages. This service is for course work only, and the web pages will not be accessible outside of university networks.

The pages will be accessible via https://php-web.edu.liu.se/~[liuid]/ (for example https://php-web.edu.liu.se/~kalku123/)

The first page the visitor should see should have a name such as index.html.



In the Linux environment, you should place the web pages under /wwwpub/[liuid], where you type in your LiU ID without brackets. Do not attempt to change file permissions within, or for, this directory.

Note! If you visit /wwwpub in a file manager, your directory might not be present unless it has been opened recently on that particular computer. Instead, try to open /wwwpub/[liuid] directly. In the file manager on the Linux systems you can pick the Go-menu and select "Open location", or you can start a terminal and navigate there using cd /wwwpub/[liuid].



On Windows computers, you will find the directory on drive W:

Contact and support

You are welcome to contact the IT Helpdesk if you experience IT related problems at LiU and need help.

Regular opening hours:

Monday and Thursday 08:00-20:00

Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 08:00-17:00


Find answers in the KNowledge database

Maybe it's possible that you can solve a problem on your own! See guides with answers to common IT questions and problems.


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