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E-service cards

All students who are going to attend VFU (vocational education within the County Council of Östergötland) must have a special electronic ID called an e-service card. The e-service card contains the electronic certificates which are necessary for logging on to the County Council's journal system, COSMIC.

How to get the e-service card

E-service cards are dispensed at Info Centre at Campus US and Campus Norrköping. There are two possible cases:

Students with a Swedish personal number

If you have a Swedish personal number and a registered address that is inside Sweden, you will receive a personal e-service card. A letter containing your card's PIN codes will be sent to your registered address, and you may then pick up your card at the appropriate Infocenter. (Campus US or Campus Norrköping, depending on where you study.)

Students without a Swedish personal number

If you do not have a Swedish personal number, or do not have a registered address of residence inside Sweden, you will receive a reserve e-service card, which contains the necessary eID's but is not personalized like the regular cards. You will receive a scheduled time when you may come and pick up your card, and will be given the card's PIN code at the time of issuing.


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Contact form

Info Centre opening hours
Studenthuset, Campus Valla: weekdays 9.00-16.00

Kåkenhus, Campus Norrköping: weekdays 9.00-16.00

Växthuset, University Hospital: 
weekdays 9.00-16.00

+46 13 281000 
weekdays 8.00-16.30


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